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The purpose of California’s Political Reform Act (Act) is to ensure that disclosure of political payments is accurate, timely, and made in a transparent manner. Clear and accurate disclosure is essential for making voters aware of who is paying for political messages, so they may evaluate the content and make informed decisions when voting. Haley & Co. will take steps to ensure all of the Act’s requirements are met regarding receipt, expenditure, and reporting of campaign funds by establishing a system of recordkeeping sufficient to ensure that contributions and expenditures are recorded promptly and accurately in compliance with the Act’s recordkeeping and disclosure requirements. 

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We are a full service campaign finance firm offering compliance, treasury, bookkeeping and financial management. We service clients from the Federal level down to the municipalities across California. We provide full compliance for FEC and FPPC reporting as well as budgeting and cash flow management. Our partners have over 25 years of experience in campaign finance. Haley and Company, LLC will be able to fulfill any compliance and disclosure requirements for every campaign or committee.  


Nancy has over 20 years of experience as a political Reporting Specialists with experience preparing complicated  financial disclosure reports. In addition to daily bookkeeping Nancy helps her clients achieve their political goals while avoiding enforcement pitfalls. She serves as Treasurer on the Board of Directors for the California Political Treasurers Assn.   


Danielle is responsible for preparing federal, state and local campaign, lobbying and ‘major donor’ disclosure reports. Danielle excels in computer literacy and has perfected working with different credit card processors based on her client’s needs. She is dedicated to providing her clients with excellent service. 


Melinda has over 15 years of experience in both public and private accounting and has provided financial and tax services to both publicly traded and privately held businesses in a variety of industries. Melinda received her bachelor’s degree in accounting from CSUSM. She is committed to delivering financial services that meet each client’s unique objectives.

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